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Cary-Grove Area Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Rebrand for IB International, Inc.

Cary-Grove Area Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Rebrand for IB International, Inc.

[Cary, IL – May 14, 2024] The Cary-Grove Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for IB International, Inc., marking the merger and rebrand of their three subsidiary companies. Formerly known as Illinois Blower, Inc., this strategic consolidation streamlines their operations under a unified brand, enhancing their capability to provide comprehensive air moving solutions.

The merger brings together Illinois Blower, Inc. and its subsidiaries into one cohesive entity, IB International, Inc., reflecting a commitment to delivering an integrated suite of products and services. The newly formed company now offers an extensive range of solutions, including Custom Fans & Blowers, Pre-Engineered Products, Parts & Services, and Dampers.

Founded in 1978, Illinois Blower, Inc. moved to its current location in Cary in 1989. As a dedicated member of the Cary-Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, IB International, Inc. has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the local economy and community development. The Chamber is honored to recognize their contribution to the success and growth of Cary, reflecting their strong roots and dedication to fostering a thriving local business environment

Carolena Brawn, CEO of IB International, shared her enthusiasm during the event, stating, "The transition to IB International represents our evolution and growth. We are expanding our reach while maintaining our commitment to quality and innovation. This new name honors our legacy and positions us for future success."

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