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Exciting Collaboration between Pioneer Center for Human Services and Viewpoint

Exciting Collaboration between Pioneer Center for Human Services and Viewpoint

McHenry, Illinois Pioneer Center for Human Services today announced an exciting collaboration between the Pioneer Center for Human Services and Viewpoint, the esteemed educational program hosted by actor Dennis Quaid, aims to raise awareness about the impact that is being made for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities in McHenry County, Illinois. 
The episode of Viewpoint, filmed in 2023, was distributed February 26th, 2024, alongside a commercial highlighting the impact being made by the Pioneer Center for Human Services. The episode and commercial emphasizes the organization's 65 years of commitment to the community and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and features interviews with staff who share their experience and success.
“Pioneer Center has been serving the intellectual and developmental disability community in McHenry County for 65 years. Our goal is to provide active, purposeful and quality programs to support the whole person and maximize quality of life. The Viewpoint video highlights some of those programs and brings needed attention to the work and passion that the dedicated staff do each and every day.” – Jason Clark, Senior Director of Developmental Disabilities Services

We invite you to view the episode here:

This segment will also be aired by Public Television starting on February 26th and throughout March in the Chicago Metro region on various stations including TWC, CNBC, CNN and MNBC. “Embark on a transformative journey with us as Pioneer Center for Human Services and Viewpoint join forces to unveil a compelling narrative of profound impact";, stated Frank Samuel, CEO. "Explore the depth of our programs and services, delve into our impactful history, and support our mission that helps people live a dignified life of well-being, independence and inclusion. For more than 65 years, our services and efforts have spanned across McHenry, Illinois, and the entire County of McHenry, addressing the diverse needs of the community. The generosity of those in our community is what makes all of our programs possible. We hope you will become part of this great mission with us!” – Frank Samuel, Chief Executive Officer

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About the Pioneer Center for Human Services - In 1958, a local mother wanted more for her 7-year-old daughter, Sandy Huff, who was born with Down Syndrome. Verona Huff, Sandy's mother, dared to dream of the opportunity for education and an enriching life for her child rather than institutionalization, which was most common for the era. Alongside her, a small group of parents bonded together to create the first day school program in McHenry County for individuals with developmental disabilities. That act of determination led to what has become Pioneer Center for Human Services. More insight can be found at

About Viewpoint - Viewpoint is an educational program hosted by actor Dennis Quaid that explores innovative ideas, advancements, and trends across various industries. The program is dedicated to providing viewers with valuable insights and knowledge on a wide range of topics.


Andrew is a natural in the limelight during filming of Viewpoint program with their crew at Pioneer Center for Human Services in McHenry, IL.

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