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NEW from Big Buzz Idea Group

In addition to “powering nonprofit organizations to fuel positive change in the world,” we want to also “power nonprofit professionals” to accelerate your organization to fuel positive change in the world.
Big Buzz Idea Group has enjoyed consulting nonprofits for the past 15 years and over that time, whenever we met a prospective client, we heard a common theme: “I had no idea a company like yours even existed!” The demand has never been more obvious, which is why we are presenting a new suite of services to a larger audience. 
The Big Buzz Breakfast Club offers monthly education on a variety of nonprofit topics such as sponsorship, communication, leadership, board development, culture, etc. On the second Thursday of each month, nonprofit professionals will come together for a webinar about a specific topic. These events will be FREE through September. Beginning in October, session fees will be $15 each or nonprofit professionals can secure an annual membership that will allow an individual to attend all sessions for $97.
The Roundtables offer a deeper conversation around the monthly Breakfast Club theme. Nonprofit leaders will participate in small-group discussions (maximum group size is 10 participants) about nonprofit topics. These facilitated discussions will allow leaders of the nonprofit community to share ideas, struggles and best practices to make you a better leader. The Roundtable participation fee is $20 per session or $197 for the year.
For those nonprofit leaders who are looking for a confidential circle of colleagues to discuss challenges and seek advice for advanced development, the Mastermind opportunity is for you. These peer-to-peer discussion groups will bring the same small group (maximum group size—5 members) together each month for deeper dive discussions and accountability to your goals. Mastermind participation costs $1,497 per year and members of the Masterminds are able to participate in the Breakfast Club and the Roundtables.
If you are a nonprofit professional in need of personal coaching and consultation, then the Power Up Consultation program is available to you. These 60-minute mentorship sessions provide individualized assistance for effective customized growth. Individual sessions are available for $250 each, or you can secure a one-year membership for $2,397 which also allows for participation in the Breakfast Club and the Roundtables.
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